The Space Management Solutions You Can Implement Right Away!

Space management solutions are an area of strong focus in the commercial space. Just think of the office that hasn’t had a reorganization since it was established or that empty warehouse that hasn’t been used for years because there is no room to stockpile items for shipping. More space in a business or warehouse means a safer work environment and better productivity. This trend will begin with better storage solutions and translate into a more profitable, environmentally sustainable business model.

Getting started with space-saving solutions is a priority for many businesses. The following space management information can help businesses implement the strategies they need to improve productivity and profitability right away:

Innovative Storage Methods That Make the Most Out of Space

In these tough economic times, there is no room for wasted space. Businesses that need to store more inventory, office supplies, tools, and other items are likely to see space constraints as a problem. Thus, quick and simple solutions are needed to implement space management that saves time and money. Today, there are some innovative ways to save money and space, such as:

  • Using stackable containers
  • Barcode containers to track their contents
  • Organize business clutter with plastic containers
  • Organize with containers of different shapes and sizes

Using innovation to manage space is a great way for businesses to reduce overhead. Some of these solutions involve using technology, and others are simple management solutions that can be implemented now.

Businesses can use plastic containers to store and ship items. When plastic containers are stacked or arranged in an orderly fashion, they can be loaded onto containers for shipping. These containers can be reused and re-shipped at their destination to cut back on shipping costs. For small commercial businesses that make deliveries to their clients, the containers can be used in lieu of conventional packaging like cardboard boxes.

Reuse Containers and Other Materials as Space Management Solutions

Today, the plastics industry is changing and becoming more environmentally responsible. This is why solutions like reuse containers are important. For storage space management, reuse containers and other materials, including plastic containers: Most plastic containers can be reused, especially if you are in business. For example, use empty bottles to store screws, bolts, and nails or to store your office supplies. Plastic totes can be used to store crafts supplies or to store food.

Businesses stand to benefit the most from reusing containers. Reusing these containers helps to cut costs and implements environmentally responsible practices. Sustainable solutions are practical because they don’t require businesses to restock inventory of disposable materials like cardboard. This can also help businesses qualify for tax breaks and meet modern waste management and environmental standards requirements.

Corrugated Plastic—A Unique Material that Reduces Storage Space, Increases Storage Capacity and Maximizes Retrievability

Corrugated plastic is ubiquitous, but few people realize that it is made from recycled waste and not virgin plastic. Corrugated plastic doesn’t biodegrade—it bio-transforms, becoming part of new ecosystems that provide new benefits. The bonded layers provide a structure that allows corrugated plastic to be lightweight, strong, and resistant to tearing.

Corrugated plastic containers are a versatile storage solution that can save space and more. One of the advantages of plastic containers is that they allow you to use them and reuse them, and when they are not in use, they can be folded up and stored away. Some of the uses for corrugated plastic container storage include:

  • Shelf dividers
  • Filing cabinet storage
  • Split level shelving
  • Shelf inserts
  • Collapsible stacking boxes

There are many other uses for corrugated plastic boxes, which provide an environmentally-responsible solution for businesses that are trying to reduce their waste.

Corrugated plastic can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes, including boxes and crates. These durable containers are ideal for storing, shipping, moving, and displaying products. Corrugated plastic boxes are so durable that, when fully packed, they typically weigh less than other boxes. Corrugated plastic is also recyclable and environmentally friendly, and its manufacturing process uses less than 10 percent of the energy of conventional plastics. In addition, it is used in various industries, from construction to agriculture.

Containers Provide Quick Space Management Solutions

Businesses can use containers to store products, organize supplies, and move items. Containers provide businesses with space-saving storage solutions. Plastic containers are available in many different shapes and sizes. The best part is these solutions can be implemented right away.There are many different options to get plastic container supplies to start integrating space-saving storage solutions into a business. For help with optimizing your operation, reach out to Flexcon today!