Stackable Plastic Boxes: An Eco-Friendly Solution for Your Storage Needs

Stackable plastic boxes are an environmentally friendly solution for people seeking to reduce waste and their carbon footprint. This article will discuss the environmental impact of plastic and why stackable plastic containers are an ideal alternative for eco-friendly storage.

As global awareness of the environmental effects of everyday products grows, it is essential to evaluate the role that storage solutions play in promoting sustainability. Plastic has been a prominent concern in the environmentalist community for many years. Yet, stackable plastic containers offer a storage solution that balances convenience, durability, and environmental friendliness. 

The Environmental Impact of Plastic 

The world produces around 359 million metric tons of plastic each year. Nature cannot biodegrade the amount of plastic we dispose of at a pace fast enough to prevent harm to living beings.

Over 80% of all trash in the ocean is plastic. Often, this plastic accumulates in vast, open areas where the tides meet. The plastic ends up in the ocean due to marine and terrestrial sources. Trash is a problem not only on dry land but also for marine life throughout the ocean. The ocean’s plastic trash can foster a rise in disease-causing organisms. Scientists have found that corals living in areas with plastic are nearly nine times more likely to contract diseases than those living in plastic-free areas.

Benefits of Reusable Plastics

Plastic recycling technologies provide significant environmental benefits, including: 

  • Energy efficiency: Recycling one ton of plastic saves 5,774 kilowatt-hours of energy.
  • Reduced use of oil:  When one ton of plastic is recycled, 16.3 barrels of oil are saved. So, using recycled plastic can aid in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.
  • CO² emission decrease: Reduced oil consumption reduces CO² and other greenhouse gas emissions associated with producing new plastics.
  • Reduced waste disposal: Fewer plastics in landfills mean less carbon dioxide and methane emissions, which are both common landfill byproducts. Both gasses impact local communities via the ground and the air, causing public health issues and environmental damage.

Stackable Plastic Boxes: A Sustainable Solution

Stackable plastic boxes are more suitable for many businesses than cardboard boxes, metal storage units, and wooden storage units. They provide long-term utility, where one bin can be used for many years without needing replacement, as they’re made of high-density polypropylene, which means they’re water and UV resistant. This ensures we reduce the amount of plastic we need to produce so we can better protect our environment. Stackable plastics are also reusable and recyclable, which is good for your wallet and the environment. This ensures that we minimize the dumping or burning of plastics, curb their initial production, and maintain the environment.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Stackable Plastic Boxes

Plastic storage containers perform an excellent job of assisting with the organization of seasonal or bulky items in our homes or business places. To ensure that the containers meet your needs, there are several factors to consider, such as:

Items To Store

Consider what items you intend to store in the container to determine which plastic storage container will work best. Determine how much storage space you need by stacking your belongings in a single location. You may discover that you have more to store than anticipated. Determine the dimensions of your stack, so you know what to look for in a container. This is also an excellent opportunity to look through and remove objects that can be discarded, donated, or returned to individuals from whom they were borrowed. Prepare to store just the goods you intend to keep.

Do You Desire a Colored or Transparent Bin?

Some people choose exclusively transparent plastic storage containers, while others choose containers of various hues based on the stored item. One of the advantages of selecting a transparent container is that it is simple to determine whether an item is in the trash without emptying it. Choosing solely clear containers can also help your storage appear more uniform, as clear containers are often easier to locate than containers of certain hues.

What is the Weight of the Fill?

It is easy to forget how fast an empty plastic storage container can become heavy when filled with items. To maintain the portability of your storage container, choose a bin that will still allow you to transport the filled container easily. Consider the contents you are storing when choosing the size of your bin. For example, when keeping books, select tiny containers. You may store pillows in huge containers while maintaining their modest weight.

Getting Started

At Flexcon, we understand the impact of plastics on the environment while appreciating their purpose in the business world. Our stackable plastic containers are designed with dependability & recyclability in mind to ensure they don’t end up in the trash after use. They are ideal for applications in homes, offices, and industries. Our bins are reusable, solving the problem of the excess dumping of plastic that is currently affecting our world. Contact us today to find the perfect container for your needs.