Straight-Wall Stack Totes Help You Make the Most of Every Cubic Inch of Space for Storage, Material Handling and Transport

Are you looking for a container that will help you make the most of your manufacturing, material handling, warehousing and cargo space? Straight-wall stack totes are likely what you’re looking for.

Their modular, space-saving design makes straight-wall stackable totes and containers an excellent choice for:

  • Closed or open loop material handling systems
  • Transport of materials or products from one facility to another
  • Transport within a facility
  • Warehousing
  • Storage of materials for In-process work
  • A wide range of industries, including light manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and electronics

These containers provide efficient cubing in trucks and on pallets to reduce your shipping costs. They are designed to cube on 48×40 and 48×45 pallets. And their straight sides allow you to fit more materials or products in each container.

Space Efficiency Is Just One of the Many Benefits of Straight-wall Totes

The space-saving design of straight-wall stack totes, however, is just the beginning of their features and benefits, which also include:

  • Ergonomic, built-in handles for easy, safe carrying
  • Sturdy injection-molded construction that resists impact, moisture and most chemicals
  • Reinforced sides and bottoms, which enhance product protection
  • Use in a wide range of temperatures, from -20˚ to 120˚F
  • Easy, sanitary cleaning due to solid sides and smooth inner walls
  • Durable construction that extends the life of containers to reduce your costs. They last for hundreds of uses, compared to the one-time use of corrugated cardboard containers. This is an advantage for the environment and your budget.
  • 100 percent recyclable, so when they do reach the end of their lifecycle, straight-wall stackable containers don’t end up in a landfill
  • Easily customizable for identification, which makes them ideal for close-looped material handling applications

Straight wall stackable tote Overall, straight-wall stack totes deliver cost savings and efficiency throughout your manufacturing, material handling, warehousing and shipping processes.

Flexcon offers a wide range of straight-wall stackable containers to meet your needs. And to extend the effectiveness of our containers for your applications, we can custom design divider inserts that perfectly fit your materials or products and protect them from damage.

To find the right straight-walled stackable containers for maximizing your shipping and storage needs, contact a Flexcon sales representative today.