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Sustainable Plastics in Retail Storage Bins 

Sustainability has become an increasingly crucial trend in the retail industry. It’s no longer just an environmental or corporate social responsibility (CSR) concern. Instead, building more sustainable business practices in this industry has become a movement that can make a significant impact toward helping your retail business grow and succeed.

We know that 75% of all generational groups, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers, value and expect sustainability from the retailers they frequent. We also know that increasingly, businesses are building their value proposition on the promise of sustainability. When sourced the right way, plastics can become a core part of that equation.

Experts estimate that the waste generated by retailers across the globe on an annual basis is in the trillions. Using sustainable plastics can help businesses in this industry minimize that waste and reap the rewards of environmentally-friendly storage solutions.

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Defining Sustainable Plastics In Retail

Plastics have long been a favored material in retail, especially compared to earlier solutions like compostable food packaging that deteriorates over time and are more difficult to store and sanitize than other options.

This is why single-use plastics are among the most commonly-used materials in retail environments, thanks to their convenience and relative durability. Unfortunately, this type of plastic is also a major driver of both budgetary and environmental waste.

Enter sustainable plastics, a material with the potential for immense success in the retail industry. Containers constructed from sustainable plastics are:

  • Safe, versatile, and cost-effective.
  • Lightweight and easy to stack.
  • Used in numerous high-leverage situations such as the military and airline industries.

In fact, it’s become almost impossible to find business environments in which plastics are not used. Despite the versatility there are many reasons to seek out sustainably sourced and constructed plastics, such as preserving the food supply chain and creating a better end-consumer perspective. Sustainable plastics have become a key to success in the retail industry.

4 Sustainable Plastics Products To Leverage In The Retail Industry

It's not just about finding one perfect product. Sustainable plastics have a variety of potential uses in retail, enabling the entire operation to become more efficient while reducing waste and environmental harm.
Create Flexible Shelving Solutions With Hopper Front Containers box-img

Create Flexible Shelving Solutions With Hopper Front Containers

How you present your product matters, and not just from an aesthetics perspective. Any products sold need to be placed on shelving and within bins that can hold them securely and keep the products safe. In addition, (especially given current and potential supply chain uncertainties) flexibility is key for impromptu shelving and storage adjustments.

Enter Hopper Front Containers, a sustainable solution designed for efficient flexibility. Usable with shelves, carts, carousels, and other display retail applications, these containers come in enough sizes and colors to match any store's layout and needs. Meanwhile, the containers' durability allows them to be used to store and organize almost any retail product.

Optimize Your Backroom Storage With Custom Plastic Bins and Trays box-img

Optimize Your Backroom Storage With Custom Plastic Bins and Trays

To build optimum efficiency and flexibility, modern retailers require extensive backroom storage solutions. Products with longer shelf lives are often purchased in bulk, with a larger inventory waiting behind the curtain to keep the shelves fully stocked over time.

Storage options need to be immensely durable, movable, and in the shape needed to optimize your backroom operations. Custom Plastic Bins and Trays can fulfill that promise, thanks to plastic materials that are built to last regardless of their contents. Custom sizes help to get just the right fit, while stackability maximizes functionality in larger shelving environments.

Separate Individual Products For Sale And Inventory With Custom Dividers box-img

Separate Individual Products For Sale And Inventory With Custom Dividers

Of course, bulk storage doesn't work in any retail environment. The hardware store looking to sell different-sized nuts and bolts will appreciate a storage system that keeps individual products separate, both for the customer and for inventory management purposes.

Custom Divider Systems made from sustainable plastics can help in that effort. Sizes range from 6" to 160", with heights between 1.5" and 24" and custom alternatives ensuring the right solution for almost any product type. Dividers made from sustainable plastics reduce storage system costs by up to 50% without reducing the durability of the system for the retailer.

Efficiently And Safely Store Fresh Goods With Bakery Racks, Baskets, And Trays box-img

Efficiently And Safely Store Fresh Goods With Bakery Racks, Baskets, And Trays

Retailers in the grocery space know the importance of ventilation when it comes to fresh goods. Fresh bread, cookies, pastries, and even frozen goods require storage that prevents moisture from collecting at the bottom, with air ventilation ensuring a safe and sufficiently dry environment for both the backroom and the retail floor.

Bakery Storage Solutions can serve these needs and more. Built to be stackable, they are available in a range of sizes and can be used for a number of different applications, from bakery trays to bread baskets, tortilla flats, bun baskets, and more. The durable plastic from which these solutions are built ensures that there will be no pollution or premature molding affecting your product.

Container Solutions In The Retail Industry Made With Reusable, Sustainable Plastics

The retail industry has the potential to reap enormous benefit from sustainable plastics, especially when used strategically. The products on this page are only the beginning, showcasing potential opportunities for retailers looking to reduce storage waste and build more environmentally-friendly solutions instead.

Flexcon is primed to help retailers make headway in sustainable plastics. Our made-in-the-USA products are built based on four guiding principles:



Reducing complications as you clean your storage solutions in commercial dishwashers without losing structural integrity or color vibrancy.



Stackability With products designed to optimize spacing and storage in your retail and backroom operations along with any transportation needs.



As our clients can work with us to create custom solutions specifically designed to fit their retail space and needs.



With all Flexcon products following strict standards and testing to adhere to industry-leading protocols and certifications.

Our combined tenure of more than 150 years and counting is paying off for our clients. We put our heart and soul into helping our retail customers save time, optimize their operations, and improve their bottom line. We value versatility, imagination, innovation, and product quality to deliver the best possible product for your specific needs.

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