The Advantages of Molded Stack Nest Totes and Bins Stack Up

Reusable plastic totes and bins offer numerous advantages for warehousing and transporting products in open or closed loop systems as well as storing and organizing materials during work in progress in manufacturing assembly applications. And molded stack nest totes offer extra benefits, thanks to their unique design.

The bonuses of plastic molded stack nest totes are contained in their name. They’re designed to:

  • Stack atop each other to optimize space usage. They cube out well on 48 x 40 and 48 x 45 pallets.
  • Nest in each other when empty and turned 180°. Between uses, this saves valuable space for other production needs.

The Advantages of Molded Stack Nest Totes Go On and On

On top of these pluses, stackable and nestable molded plastic containers provide many additional advantages over other alternatives such as corrugated cardboard trays and totes. These include:

  • Heavy-duty, durable construction that provides exceptionally long service life. Since they can be used hundreds of times, they deliver substantial cost-savings over the long haul, compared to other alternatives that must be replaced at greater frequency.
  • Ability to be recycled at the end of their lifecycle–and returned to productive use rather than entering the waste stream
  • Increased production efficiency in manufacturing facilities. They provide optimal organization of parts, prevent migration of parts, minimize part handling and help you take control of inventories,
  • Effective use in all types of pick-and-pack applications for order fulfillment. They simplify picking applications and can be stacked before orders are fully packed out and shipped.
  • Strong construction with industrial-grade polymers that resist rust, corrosion, moisture, most chemicals and impact. Plus, even when fully loaded, the durable walls of stackable and nestable bins and totes resist bending, retaining the containers’ shape and promoting efficient use of space and handling.
  • Optimal protection of parts and products, thanks to strong construction and design that reduces risk of part migration
  • Capability to be used in automated storage and retrieval systems, maximizing available cube for maximum efficiency
  • Pitched drain holes that enable water to drain out and prevent collapse of automated storage and retrieval systems when sprinklers are set off—a requirement of most insurance carriers
  • Availability in nine sizes and three standard colors—gray, blue and red. And Flexcon can customize stackable and nestable containers to your application requirements and color needs.
  • Made of material that meets USDA and FDA regulations for use in food processing
  • Made with textured bottoms for non-slip grip on conveyors and in transit
  • Optional clear label holder available for all nine sizes of totes for clear part identification
  • Optional lids available. Designed to snap on tightly and securely for optimal content protection
  • Optional drop-in inserts are available, customized to hold specific parts and products for optimal protection and efficiency of handling

And you’ll likely discover more advantages in many of your material handling applications. To learn more about how to put molded stack nest totes to work for you, contact a Flexcon sale representative today.