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Medical Containers and Systems

Healthcare and medical industries are looking for cost-effective solutions for the supply and storage of their medical equipment. As costs continue to rise and solutions become increasingly scarce, the need for sustainable medical containers increases. The more a product can be used, the more a healthcare facility can save on associated costs while still providing their patients with safe, high-quality materials for all their medical needs.

There are numerous benefits to using sustainable containers in the medical industry. From leveraging flexible storage options to maintaining cleanliness, medical containers are an optimal solution. Test tube cases are used to transport vials and tubes to medical testing centers. Surgical equipment cases keep instruments safe when not in use. Many facilities even use mobile container carts to effectively move supplies from room to room.

All of these products can be made from reusable, durable plastic that will last longer than traditional options and provide easier and safer transportation solutions. Let’s take a look at how innovative, sustainable products can benefit your facility.

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Definition Of Sustainable Plastic Medical Containers

Plastics that can be used more than once offer huge benefits. If plastic is only made for one use, it does not save money and can create more waste. Yet, when plastic is made to be reused, it promotes sustainability efforts and saves company costs overall. These cost savings can then be handed down to the patients as well, creating a more favorable transaction for all parties involved.

Since the medical industry is unique from others, there are times when reusable plastics could prove to be more beneficial and safe. Here are three key examples of where and how these plastics are already being used:

  1. Plastic containers are known to be secure, adaptable, and cost-effective.
  2. Plastic materials have been especially useful in surgical rooms.
  3. Plastics have been widely used in municipal buildings as well as in the security and military sectors.

It is not surprising to see that it’s more difficult to find an area where plastics are NOT being used in today’s economy. Consumers are more informed, interested, and environmentally responsible when it comes to using reusable plastics. The medical industry is no exception. Using durable plastic medical containers and storage solutions can make a big impact on the day-to-day procedures of medical facilities.

Several Industries That Are Streamlining More Sustainable Plastics

Many industries are looking toward environmentally-friendly options for their needs. Here are just a few of the industries we serve:
Supplying Healthcare Facilities With Storage And Medical Container Solutions box-img

Supplying Healthcare Facilities With Storage And Medical Container Solutions

When it comes to transporting vials and surgical medication, items must be packed and made to transport easily and safely. This is why we've created specialized medical containers that will keep vials and accompanying equipment intact.

Serving Technological Industries With Organizational Options box-img

Serving Technological Industries With Organizational Options

The technology industry often utilizes small components and elements. We offer divider systems that allow units to be easily found and used based on necessity.

Providing Construction Companies With Optimal Tools box-img

Providing Construction Companies With Optimal Tools

Construction work requires moving heavy materials and equipment around worksites. Our team produces specialized dollies to assist construction workers while on the job.

Equipping Automotive Industries With Customizable Possibilities box-img

Equipping Automotive Industries With Customizable Possibilities

Autostore cladding is just one of the many solutions we offer various industries, especially the automotive industry. This solution helps save space and provides better storage for parts and electrical tools.

Offering Integral Options To Food And Beverage Suppliers box-img

Offering Integral Options To Food And Beverage Suppliers

With Flexcon's bakery containers and trays, stores and restaurants have a more durable option for transporting food and beverage products. We'll help you select trays from our dedicated product line or work with you to design a custom tray that will fit the specific needs of your business.

Supporting Farmers With Produce Transporting Solutions box-img

Supporting Farmers With Produce Transporting Solutions

Transporting produce and meat can be difficult if there isn't proper equipment in place. We've designed processing containers that are specifically created to meet a farmer's needs in harvesting crops and transporting poultry.

Helping Retailers Keep Merchandise Safely Stocked box-img

Helping Retailers Keep Merchandise Safely Stocked

Our sustainable plastic pallets help to keep merchandise elevated off the ground until it is ready to be set up in stores. These pallets make moving merchandise much easier and will allow your business to keep things organized more easily.

Making Warehouse Operations Run Smoothly box-img

Making Warehouse Operations Run Smoothly

To solve inventory shelving issues, we've designed several types of organizational bins. Speak with one of our representatives to see what options we can offer your company!

Sustainable Containers Made With Reusable Plastics

Reusable plastic containers are one of the simple ways a healthcare facility can cut costs. The containers are easy to clean, provide a sanitary storage solution, and are readily customizable. Sustainable plastics offer medical staff an optimal, accessible option.

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of sustainable plastics, we have been in the business with a combined experience of over 150 years. Our team enjoys helping clients save time in their operations, as well as helping to improve the bottom line. The following are just a few of the standards that set us apart from the rest:



Our team ensures that each product we design can be cleaned and effectively maintained.



We ensure that our products conform to your company's compliance requests as well as national compliance standards.



Our products are versatile, in that they are made to fit the industry that will use them.



Our products can be designed to efficiently store items according to the needs of a company.

How To Purchase Our Reusable Products

When purchasing our containers and storage solutions, we have a simple process. Here’s how it works:

  1. We’ll talk with you to find out what your facility needs are.
  2. Our team will then submit a proposal with recommended options.
  3. Once you and your company are happy with the proposal, we will discuss all the details. If there are any changes you’d like made to the proposal, we will work with you to ensure we are meeting all of your business needs!
  4. When all the details are set to your expectations, we will begin creating your order and have it delivered on the scheduled date.

Whether you’re getting more containers for existing systems or need help designing a customized storage container system, reach out to us today! We’d be happy to put together a quote. 

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