Top 7 Popular Uses for Hopper Front Containers

hopper front container

The unique design of hopper front containers made of corrugated plastic makes them an ideal, efficient solution for many applications. Their partially open front provides you a good view of the contents and makes picking items quick and easy.

Plus, hopper front containers make good use of space. They’re designed to stack one on top of another, reducing wasted shelf space, maximizing cube of each container and reducing the need for shelving, as they can be placed on a counter. Plus, they are designed to hang on walls or from louvered panels. Their open-front design helps you keep tab of when supply is getting low and it’s time to restock.

Optional accessories such as dividers, wheels and label holders further expand their versatility in many work environments.

Following are seven of the most popular, common applications in which hopper front containers make work easier, faster, better organized and more efficient:

  1. Production, work in-progress environments:  In assembly operations, hopper front containers provide high density storage, economizing on space while keeping parts well organized and easy to reach. This facilitates quick access of parts to keep assembly operations on pace with productivity requirements.
  2. Picking and packing: These containers enable you to quickly and accurately pick items when filling orders. They’re available in several colors, which permits color coding to further improve ease and accuracy of item picking.
  3. hopper front containers light Heavy duty storage: Because they’re made to stack on one another, hopper front containers are an effective solution for heavy duty, high density storage. Corrugated plastic containers are available in a wide range of sizes to meet whatever storage need you may have–and they’re stronger than corrugated cardboard containers.
  4. Offices: These stackable containers make good use of limited office supply storage space. And to help office workers find the supplies they need, they can be labeled. The open fronts make keeping inventory simple.
  5. In-facility maintenance:  Hopper front containers help maintenance and repair shops keep commonly needed replacement parts within easy reach. This helps maintenance staff minimize equipment downtime.
  6. Service vehicles: With limited space, service vehicles such as those used by plumbers, electricians, heating and cooling specialists and industrial equipment technicians need storage solutions like hopper front containers to optimize space usage. Hopper front containers also help them keep parts well organized. Their design prevents parts from migrating from one container to another.
  7. Retail: Hopper front containers are popular among many types of retailers for displaying, storing and organizing merchandise, such as hardware, pet supplies, toys and craft supplies.

hopper And whatever the application, corrugated plastic hopper front containers save money over cardboard bins. They last 20 times as long as their cardboard counterparts and can ship flat for freight savings and store flat for space savings when not in use. Plus they can be custom molded in a full range of sizes for whatever application you may have.