Use Warehouse Totes and Bins to Improve Your Operations

Warehouse totes can be used for a wide variety of purposes and can save valuable square footage in warehouses. They are tailor-made for your specific use and constructed with investment-grade durability intended for repeated usage.

Proper inventory management is essential to increasing manufacturing and warehousing efficiency, which boosts profits. The total price tag may be affected by minor adjustments to your storage strategy. 

What Is a Warehouse Tote?

Warehouse totes are containers often used in warehouses to store and transport products and supplies. Materials handling, or moving items or components from one location to another, can be made simpler with warehouse totes, which also help keep goods safe while they’re being stored.

The most frequent and easiest ways to store your small to medium inventory are warehouse totes, bins, and dividers. Since these materials are resistant to moisture and grease, containers used in warehouses are often made from metal or plastic.

What Are Some Ways Professionals Organize Their Inventory?

Warehouse totes serve professionals in many ways, including arranging tiny things and kitted components, protecting inventory from pollutants, and maximizing efficiency.

More Searchable

You can get many kinds of sturdy storage containers at the store. They’re an excellent option for storing, handling, and transporting heavy bulk materials since they’re far lighter than wooden or metal containers.

The varied sizes, forms, and materials available for warehouse totes with dividers expand their usefulness. Bins are ideal for stowing away components that are easy to lose track of and other goods that are easily neglected because of their small size. Examples of little pieces include screws, minerals, bottle lids, bolts, and pharmaceuticals.

Easy Fulfillment

Warehouse totes are designed so workers can access the contents without opening them or repositioning the shelves. Picking times may be reduced, leading to greater efficiency.

Warehouse totes streamline the selection process by eliminating the need to open or remove containers to inspect their contents. It’s common for these containers to include a lip that makes it easy to hang them from walls or louvered panels, allowing for convenient stacking. You may use them with transparent tops so that the contents are safe, yet easily accessible.

Using a color-coded system in the warehouse aids the ease with which items, locations, and pallets can be located and identified.

When used for storage, corrugated boxes detract from the aesthetic value of a building. Plastic bags and bins may completely alter the aesthetics of a workplace, and they can even be painted in colors that complement your company’s identity.

In addition, employees are more likely to enjoy their workspaces if the whole building is kept in good order.

Similar stock-keeping units (SKUs) can be kept close to one another in the warehouse to improve efficiency further.

Professionals improve the efficiency of your warehouse’s picking process by attaching barcodes or alphanumeric tags to the outside of bins and totes with dividers.

By Size and Frequency of Use

Professionals can maximize the storage capacity of a shelf or rack by stacking warehouse totes within the area already allotted.

Finding warehouse totes is simple, but finding ones that are the proper size might be more difficult. There are both inventory and bespoke options available from Flexcon Container.

Flexcon’s products allow companies to save more space in their storage facility since most bins and containers are stackable or collapsible.

In the case of an open shelf, there may be considerable dead space above the object being displayed. However, many bins and totes are designed to be stacked or placed side by side, allowing you to store more goods within the same space as traditional shelving.

Warehouse totes make the most of the volume available on an AS/RS tray or carrier, guaranteeing that every available cubic inch is packed with goods.

Enhanced Protection

Open shelving increases the risk of inventory becoming exposed to carbon monoxide-laden forklift exhaust, dust, dampness, and filth.

Many items lose their quality when exposed to dust and other contaminants. Many warehouse professionals use totes with dividers, lids, or coverings to safeguard their inventory.

Use Our Reliable Plastic Bins to Ship Your Goods

Warehouse totes are large plastic containers often used for storing goods and items at a warehouse. When you shop with Flexcon, you’ll find a wide selection of corrugated plastic totes and nestable postal bins. Our products and services will revolutionize your warehouse’s operation by reducing wasted time and space and maximizing the speed with which you process materials.

Flexcon is not simply a top-tier provider of containers, however. To fully comprehend our dealers’ and customers’ material handling requirements, we create tight ties with them. After that, we put our more than a century of expertise into action by designing a container that meets each client’s specific needs.

Our customer service representatives and material handling experts are ready to hear from you so that they can discuss your container needs and provide you with the best possible container solution.

To get a quote or to start shopping our inventory of plastic totes, please don’t hesitate to contact us.