Vertical Lift Module Dividers: the Perfect Solution to Optimizing the Efficiency and Organization of Your Material Handling Systems

Do you want to make the most of every cubic inch of your reusable plastic trays and corrugated plastic containers—and not waste a bit of space?  All while you neatly and perfectly organize your parts and products? If so, Flexcon’s Vertical Lift Module (VLM) dividers are the solution you’re looking for.

Flexcon’s plastic VLM dividers—the Perfect Divider™ system—increase capacity and efficiency of your material handling system by 35 percent. That’s just one of the many features and benefits of Flexcon VLM dividers. They serve nearly any application, as they’re available in 12 standard configurations and can be customized—at no additional cost—for your unique material handling needs.

Here’s a look at the many additional features and benefits of our reusable, recyclable, plastic VLM dividers:
Plastic Dividers

  • Cost and weigh half as much as traditional metal dividers, for easier handling in your budget and material handling systems
  • Increase the capacity of a tray or container because of their reduced weight
  • Enable you to organize your parts and products to greatly reduce picking errors
  • Customize to provide the perfect fit for a wide range of material handling systems—from plastic tubs, containers and trays to carousels and other automated storage and retrieval systems. They can even be used as dividers on carts. Plus, use your imagination to put them to work in organizing more than just organizing products and parts. They make excellent tool holders, for instance.
  • Assemble easily, taking just a fifth of the time of other dividers
  • Prevent cut hands and fingers during handling. Flexcon dividers have smooth, laser-cut, cauterized edges. Plus, they’re coated in an eight-layer process that gives them a smooth kitchen cabinet-grade finish.
  • Do their job quietly. They don’t rattle, like metal dividers do, when your material handling system is on the move.
  • Come in a range of standard colors. And we can make them in custom colors to suit your needs.
  • Offer you a choice of available accessories to accommodate a wider range of uses and to offer greater protection for certain items—such as bottom pads, dense foam pads and bin cup inserts
  • Offer you a 6″, 4″, 2″ and ¼” adjustability option

Sizes of Flexcon Vertical Lift Module dividers vary greatly, from 12″ to 120″ and heights of 1 ½” to 20″. To help find the best solution for your needs, request a quote or contact one of our expert Flexcon sales representatives.

And to help you in your decision process, we offer VLM literature and mini sample kits. Just ask for one.