Warehouse Bins for the Garment Industry – Inventory Management Tips

Recent statistics reveal that the domestic textile and apparel industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12% by 2025  to reach USD 350 billion. As the demand for clothes increases day by day, the production volume is undoubtedly huge, and industry players may have to keep inventory in different forms. Improper inventory planning leads to huge losses through wastage or damaged stock and loss of price competitiveness, which ultimately decreases a company’s profitability. This article focuses on why inventory management is essential for the garment industry and the benefits that come with incorporating garment warehouse bins for the industry’s storage and movement.

What does inventory management in the apparel industry look like?

Inventory management involves managing, tracking, and keeping an optimal inventory level. The process leverages inventory management software specifically designed for the apparel industry to track clothing, shoes, accessories, and related items as they move from one location to another.

Why does garment inventory management matter?

Today’s clothing manufacturers, brands, and apparel companies manage inventory between e-commerce platforms and physical stores. Fashion retailers need to quickly order items in high demand both now and in the coming weeks or months. Good fashion inventory management is essential to effectively run the production and sale of items. The following are some of the benefits of garment inventory management:

Prevent stock-outs: stock-outs can adversely impact a customer’s behavior towards a brand. Customers don’t typically wait around for an item to come back to stock, meaning retailers lose out on purchases whenever there are stock-outs. With a modern warehouse management system (WMS), critical insights on stock movement are captured automatically and shared across your entire warehouse’s departments in real-time. This helps achieve excellent forecasting while preventing purchasing, sales, and billing errors.

Lowers carrying costs: clothing inventory management costs a lot of money. While holding inventory is part of doing business, holding too much can tie up your money in stock. It is important that your business maintain a healthy cash flow, and you won’t achieve this if your money is tied up in extra hours to manage inventory, additional spaces for storing inventory, and high insurance costs. Besides, too much inventory raises the risk of damage, lost items, and theft. You can overcome all these challenges and maintain a healthy cash flow with robust inventory management for the garment industry.

Increase supply chain accuracy: optimized warehousing, packaging accuracy, real-time item tracking, and rapid delivery all contribute to increasing supply chain accuracy. The current inventory management solutions enhance the accuracy of your supply chain fulfillment, right from sourcing raw textiles to delivering finished garments. 

Improved forecasting: accurate forecasting helps you avoid stock-outs, rushed orders, and inefficient resource utilization while ensuring you better meet customer demand and lower overall operational costs. This, in turn, translates to a better customer experience both online and in-store.

What is a garment warehouse bin?

If you are a warehouse manager tasked with improving inventory management efficiency through optimized order picking, warehouse bins will always come in handy. Warehouse bins are cardboard or corrugated plastic containers for picking small to bulky parts from stock and ready for rapid delivery. Warehouse bins are available in various colors and sizes to suit every storage requirement. Warehouse picking bins from Flexcon allow you to implement a color-coded picking system to enhance picking operational efficacy and accuracy thanks to a wide range of colors and sizes to suit every storage requirement. The bins ensure orders are picked and shipped instantly to improve customer lead times.

Warehouse bins help protect garments.

Out of many warehouse bin uses, they solve limited shelf space and help organize complex and hard-to-manage product lines to make these products easy to pick and sort. Our plastic picking bins are manufactured from anti-shock polypropylene, with reinforced sides, base, and rim for a stackable solution. These bins are also non-toxic, hygienic, and wiped clean.

Reusable: Our bins are reused several times. Their sturdy construction ensures you save money by avoiding the need for constant replacements. They can also be recycled many times when you no longer need them in your warehouse. This reduces waste and helps reduce carbon footprint.

Lightweight: These portable warehouse boxes are designed to be lightweight for ease of mobility. Besides, the boxes stack on each other to consume less space while storing or moving a large number of items.

Long-Lasting: Our containers are made using heavy-duty, durable materials to guarantee long life. The industry-grade polymers used during construction prevent rust corrosion and impacts from a wide range of chemicals and moisture.

Compatible with automated systems: Our bins can be used with automated storage and retrieval systems. This allows you to maximize available cubes for maximum efficiency.

Easy to clean: Our bins come with pitched drain holes to allow water to drain out easily. This prevents the risk of collapse of retrieval systems and automated storage when sprinklers are put on. 

Ergonomic handles: Our bins feature ergonomic handles that deliver easy handling and transportation. They also come with textured bottoms for non-slip grip during transit and on conveyors.

Customization: At Flexcon, we understand not all garment industry needs are the same. This is why we customize our bins with different designs, sizes, and colors to meet the specific needs of your application. We can also customize your container with unique RFID, labels, QR codes, and placards to simplify your packing, shipping, and marketing.

Optimize your garment inventory management with Flexcon’s warehouse bins

As the need to maximize your garment inventory management gains prominence amidst rising competition, the role of warehouse bins in supply chain operations cannot be ignored. Warehouse bins offer an effective means to improve your order fulfillment, part retrieval, customer lead times, and the picking processes in general. At Flexcon, we combine corrugated plastic’s lightweight and ship flat features with durable, long-lasting, and economical construction to meet your storage and picking needs. Our warehouse bins are great for retail, medical, produce, and manufacturing for small to medium products. We incorporate a range of choice colors, barcodes, and labels. Custom requests and dealer inquiries are also welcome. Contact us today to learn more.