Ways Stackable Storage Bins Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Running a seamless warehouse operation demands constant creativity and flexibility, especially when it comes to inventory management. One major problem businesses face when managing their warehouses is organizing and storing their products efficiently. Selecting the right storage container can be a game-changer for your warehouse operations. Besides allowing you to organize and store your inventory properly, it can prevent product damage, lost product time, and employee injuries. 

In this post, we’ll focus on ways stackable storage bins can help improve your business’s bottom line. 

Why Stack Storage Bins 

There are several reasons a business might need stackable storage bins. They include: 

  • Space Efficiency: Stackable storage bins and containers often have interlocking pieces that can be arranged to fit in any space while creating vertical, stable storage possibilities that do not require shelves. 
  • Better Productivity: Stacking storage bins allows you to organize your storage space properly so your staff can easily access various items hassle-free. This also makes storing items in your storage space much easier. 
  • Easy Cleaning: Stacking bins allows you to make the most of vertical space, making the logistics of cleaning your warehouse much simpler. Even better, all you’ll need to clean storage bins is a clean, damp cloth wipe. 
  • Maximum Safety: When storage bins are stacked, they are usually interlocked and secured to prevent sliding or falling. As such, you don’t have to worry about your storage bins falling. Thad said, when stacking, be sure to heed height restrictions, maximum safe load limits, clearance limits, as well as the need for availability of material. 
  • Better Stock Management: Stacking storage bins allows stock to be easily located and identified, making it easier to manage inventory and avoid running out of product stock. 

How to Stack for Worker Safety 

When it comes to warehouse and business storage, it’s not uncommon for employees to sustain injuries or cause property damage due to poorly stacked storage materials. Here are some tips on how to stack your storage containers to ensure worker safety. 

Create a Sturdy Base for Every Stack 

Most people are usually so preoccupied with whether or not their storage bins will topple over that they forget to consider the sturdiness of the bin at the bottom of the stack. As a rule of thumb, ensure that the bin at the bottom of your stack is sturdy. Also, consider laying down a wooden pallet or a tarp underneath the storage bin at the bottom. 

Group Same-Sized Bins Together 

When looking for storage containers, it’s advisable to only go for a few sizes. Being consistent with your container sizes will help keep the stack sturdier even as the stack becomes taller. 

Position the Storage Bins Next to Your Core 

You should always carry heavy containers close to your body’s core, even when setting them down. Overextending your arms could lead to muscle strain or back injury, thereby impairing your ability to move containers. 

Power Every Lift With Your Knees 

Always lift with your knees, whether lifting a heavy storage container or a light one. Avoid stooping down to pick up storage bins even if they seem light—this motion could lead to back injuries. 

The Heaviest Storage Bins Should Be at the Bottom 

Always place the heaviest storage bins at the bottom of the pile to add stability to the stack. This will also reduce accidents when you want to access items later on. 

Vertical Stacking Uses Existing Space 

The most common storage problem most businesses face is maximizing storage space and minimizing operational costs. Space rental is usually based on footprint and not headroom. As such, the best way to solve the warehouse storage space problem is to think vertically. Make the most of the storage you have above your existing storage footprint. You can do this by using vertical storage solutions such as stackable storage bins. 

Why Stackable Storage Is Cost-Effective 

One of the most immediate benefits of stackable storage is cost-effectiveness. Stackable storage makes for a simple, cost-friendly option for budget-conscious businesses that want to improve efficiency while staying within budget constraints. Most stackable storage containers are durable, so you won’t have to worry about replacement for some time. 

Final Thoughts 

Vertical storage can benefit a variety of industries. It can be used to efficiently store various items, maximize storage space and cut operational costs. They offer an excellent return on investment. 

With that in mind, remember to talk to your container solutions provider to help you design an end-to-end system with reusable and affordable components. Contact our material handling experts today for custom requests and dealer inquiries.