Why are plastic dividers so important in material handling

Efficient and effective materials handling is essential for maintaining product quality and profit margins, making plastic dividers a necessity for quality assurance purposes. The impact of plastic dividers on operational efficiency and product quality cannot be understated, because protecting the integrity of production systems and inventory can make or break a business.

Plastic Divider Systems

Plastic dividers come in a number of different configurations, shapes and sizes, making it important to select the right divider system to meet your needs. For instance, Flexcon’s Perfect Divider System is available in 12 standard configurations, but you can customize your system at no extra charge. The dimensions of these dividers include lengths up to 160 inches with widths up to 48 inches and heights from 2-20 inches. Also, the dimensions of the dividers can be adjusted to make any size compartment that you need. These types of systems facilitate waste reduction and efficient cycle times, translating into higher levels of customer service and lower operating expenses.

Features and accessories included with Flexcon’s plastic dividers:

Standard and custom colors
Bottom pads
Foam pads
Bin cup inserts
Eight-layer paint job

Uses of Plastic Dividers

Some of the most popular applications of plastic dividers include in containers, bulk boxes and vertical lift modules. These applications help employees reduce part picking errors, while helping to facilitate the efficient and effective storage of parts inventory. The location of plastic dividers within shops or production facilities, along with the accessibility and organization of inventory, are critical factors in the overall efficiency of your operations.

Additional Benefits of Plastic Dividers

The benefits of plastic dividers impact multiple stakeholders inside and outside of your business. Employees will have an easier time finding, storing and utilizing materials within your business, which can make their jobs easier and boost their morale. Overall, they will be more efficient and effective at their jobs, making your business more profitable over the long run. Your customers also stand to benefit in terms of faster and more effective service, along higher quality products that meet or exceed their expectations.

In terms of waste reduction, plastic dividers eliminate excess materials or products not being utilized and the unnecessary movement of products or materials. Dividers can also reduce the amount of time employees wait for their next production component, allowing them to reallocate their time to value-added activities. Waste reduction alone is enough reason to implement plastic divider systems in to production facilities.

Without plastic dividers facilitating and enhancing the materials handling processes, businesses would face everything from waste and inefficiency to lost profits. The advantages of plastic dividers far outweigh their costs, which is they are used in shops and production faculties all over the world.